DMC Products User Manuel

1-Choosing appropriate plate: While choosing guiding elements fixed to the plates, according to the operation of mold, appropriate thickness should be choosen right and about the other sizes under the press load, lateral forces would be centered between the columns with possible best degree.

2-Choosing appropriate guiding set: Here the base point according the operation on the mold how many column and bush is required and the phase of determining diameters of these columns and bushes. According to the difficulty of operation on mold with the acceptable diameter of columns and the best suitable bushes should be choosen and built as sets.

3-Processing the plate:The operation making the holes for columns and bushes on the mold plates is exremely important.The adaptation of these holes with each other and the hole tolerances of their selves should definetly as stated values.Holes that does not fit to each other cause undesirable lateral load. Even the mold has not start working, at the test stage deep lines could be seen and these deep lines can cause corruption on the surface of guiding elements. All holes should be cutted as defined tolerance, if the guiding element is large to the hole, it can not make its duty properly. And this is a reason for deformation at mold and also at the end product, if the holes are tighter than defined tolerances, columns and bushes hardly fit into their places. Even can not fit and forced to fit their holes ( with a heavy hammer ). This time breaking and shrinking on the bushes, lateral shrinking on the columns can be observed. Not to come across with these problems, suitable fixing should be made to the related to guiding elements’s kinds. (For example : using it with end wise screw or screw clamps , see on page no.14)

4-Working of columns and bushes: while fixing columns and bushes to plates, bushes should be fixed to upper plate, columns to the bottem plate. By this way any undesirable substance (burr , dust..etc ) can not get into the bush and collect there. Operators always should observe the columns and bushes. They should put oil periodicly, this will prolong the life of the guiding elements.